Lucy Vivian: Two Months Old


Two months old! Our little Lucy is healthy and happy. She gives us the biggest grins, coos, and is just a pleasant litlte girl. She still wakes up one or two times a night, but goes right back to sleep which her mama really appreciates. We've been having some tummy issues this month because of a bit of oversupply, but she deals with it like a champ. She still loves being swaddled and is starting to love her swing, which is wonderful. She also enjoys being popped into the Moby Wrap or Ergo Carrier and going on an evening stroll to fall asleep. Her big sister is still loving her to pieces, and of course so are her mama and papa. Can't wait for her two month appointment to find out how much she's grown! xo, Lauren

Cross-stitch quilt c/o Little Auggie, top from Carter's.

P.S. Lucy at one month + Lucy's birth story.



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