Beach with a Babe

We're thinking of taking a day trip to the beach (I wanted to go longer, but Kevin thinks it will be a big hassle with the baby). Plus we are trying to save money with me being off work, so I guess a day trip is better than nothing! We've taken Violet to the beach as a toddler but I've never been to the beach with an infant. I've been trying to think of everything we might need...

1. I'm thinking some sort of sun shade is in order. Although there are some really amazing sunscreens out there, I've read that you shouldn't use sunscreen on babies younger than six months. So an umbrella or tent/cabana is going to be necessary to keep the rays off that baby-fresh skin. I love that this cabana is made using UPF 50 fabric and folds up for easy transport. (These sunscreen wipes look really convenient - might have to snag a pack for Violet!)

2. Something to carry the babe in. I don't think pushing a stroller over the sand sounds like much fun to me, so I'd probably bring our Ergobaby carrier, and a beach-y bag to carry all of those teeny weeny baby things.

3. And, of course, cute swimwear, water-friendly footwear, a floppy hat for some extra sun shade, stylin' sunnies, and some colorful toys to entertain the babe and the toddler. These cloth swim diapers are super cute too, and UPF 50 fabric for that little bum!

4. Speaking of baby bums, I've heard that a little baby powder helps take the sand right off of your skin. Is that true? Anyone know from experience? If so I'm definitely stocking up on some before we go.

Anyone have any advice? Like I said, we're babe-at-the-beach novices here. Thanks so much! xo, Lauren


  1. That adorable Gap swimsuit was marked down to $3.99 at my local store, and all sale was an additional 30% off! They only had my daughter's current size (in which she has plenty of suits), so I left it behind, but check your local store for an amazing deal!

  2. I love, love your roundups and your rooms! They are so satisfying!!! Thanks!

  3. The sunscreen warning is only in place so that people do not think it is safe to take young babies out in the sun for long periods of time. It is not unsafe to put it on her when you are in the sun. Use a barrier sunscreen (like blue lizard) and ask your ped/advice nurse but don't go without sunscreen.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'll talk to my pedi about it.

  4. Yes! Baby powder takes the sand off like magic! Living by the beach I actually keep a bottle in the back of my car. It's great for the park, too!

  5. We spend most of our time at the beach in the summer.

    Baby powder really does work!
    Some of my favorite beach must haves:
    a small squirt bottle filled with water for when sand gets in the eye
    headbands to help keep hair out of face so sandy hands dont touch eyes:)
    a big blanket...will be great for baby along with some shade of some sort
    And the basics:toys, sunblock and snacks and drinks

    1. Thanks Susan! The squirt bottle idea is genius.

  6. We were the crazy people on the beach last summer with a 10-week old. We definitely carried her down in the baby pack, and invested in a Coleman beach tent. She napped really well in her tent, and we avoided all sun exposure. Not nearly as bad as we anticipated. She'll be 14 months old for this year's adventure - hoping she doesn't eat too much sand!

  7. When my kids were younger, we would always bring a small, cheap inflatable kiddie pool. We would bring a few buckets and fill it up. This is a great way to clean sand off them and cool them off! Have fun!



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