Favorite Parenting Links Lately


1. My new parenting mantra: CTFD.

2. I have this kind of child too :) Our walks consist of walking a few feet then stopping to ask a question or examine a bit of flora. She puts on her own seatbelt, and even though I can do it faster, I love to watch her intense concentration while she clicks the buckles into place. (And luckily, I usually have the time to indulge her).

3. Love me an honest mama. Honesty makes us all feel a little more human, a little less guilty I think.

4. Excited to follow this series - how interesting!

5. A parenting book I'd actually like to read.

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  1. One parenting book I really enjoyed was Simplicity Parenting.
    Also, I find that international mothers series really fun to read, thanks for the link!

  2. This is sooooo unrelated, but is that a nursing tank you're wearing? I'm on the hunt right now and yours looks super cute and comfortable!! Thank you and sorry for the randomness :)

    1. No problem! It's from a fancy place called Tarjay (AKA Target ;))



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