Lucy Vivian: Three Months Old


Sweet baby girl, we love you more and more each day. You give the biggest smiles, make the softest coos, and have such wide, take-it-all-in, sparkling eyes. Your sister is still completely head-over-heels for you as well, and gives you about ten thousand kisses, hugs, and snuggles daily. She even had to jump into your crib during our photoshoot because the distance between you was too great.

Your fussy evening times are getting less and less, although unfortunately you are still having some tummy trouble. It's been keeping you up a bit more at night, so neither of us has been getting quite as much sleep. You did sleep through one night (one glorious, amazing, magical night), so hurray for that! Your mama is trying to eliminate dairy from her diet in the hopes that it will make your tummy happier. Although you're a bit restless at night, you take great naps during day time. And  in spite of your tummy pain you are a very happy and healthy little girl, and we feel so very blessed to have you in our lives.

Your favorite noises this month have been "ah-goo and ah-gee" and closer to the end of the month you started to coo like a dove, which just melts your mama's heart. You've been practicing your rolls and finally rolled from your back to your belly for the first time just the other day! You've also been a champion bubble blower this month. The Ergo carrier is your current favorite way to fall asleep - we just pop you in, turn on some white noise, and off to dreamland you go. Your rattle, chatter monkey, and pink elephant are your favorite toys, and if we help you to wrap your tiny fingers around them you love to shake them around and try to put them in your mouth. Your mama and papa had a couple of date nights this past month and you were a good little girl for your Nonny and Poppy. They had a little trouble getting you to take a bottle of mama's milk, but we discovered that if we warm it that you'll drink it right down!

 I can't wait to see what next month brings, my sweet baby girl - we love you to pieces! xo, Mommy, Daddy, and Violet

Lucy's headband: Little Hip Squeaks, Lucy's romper: Carter's, Violet's dress: c/o Emerald August, blanket c/o American Blanket Co.

P.S. Lucy at one month & at two months


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