Sparklers and Sprinklers, Parades and Picnics



We had a lovely Fourth of July with family this year. First we went to a parade - it was a little far from our parking space, and we don't have a double stroller, so Kev pushed Violet in the stroller and I carried Lucy in the Ergo carrier. We found a nice shady spot to sit and settled in, unsure of how things would go with Lucy. She was a champ! She dozed or just sat there super relaxed in the carrier for most of the parade. I kept her in the carrier and kept the white noise on, so that probably help to dull some of the surprise with the cymbal crashes and firetruck sirens! Violet got restless after a bit, so Kevin took her down the street for a snow cone and she was happy as a clam. I brought the camera, but ended up taking pretty much all of our photos but one with the camera phone, so sorry if some of the shots aren't the greatest quality. It's just too difficult at the moment with an infant and a toddler to use the camera when we're on the go.

After the parade we went back to my sister-in-law's house for a cookout - beer can chicken, pasta salad watermelon and a berry trifle - perfection! The kids played both inside and out because it was super hot and sunny - Lucy even ended up getting a little pink on her head and nose somehow, even though I felt like I was being really careful! Luckily it went away pretty quickly and didn't seem to bother her. Violet wasn't a big fan of the sprinkler this year - she didn't want to get water in her eyes... But she did enjoy the sparklers and catching lightning bugs, and when it was time to go home she didn't want to leave. I'll call that a successful day :) Hope you all had a lovely holiday too! Happy birthday America! xo, Lauren


  1. These are my favorite kinds of posts. You have two beauties there... Aunt Nikki loves them to pieces! xoxo



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