Surviving the Fourth of July with an Infant


So we went to an early fireworks display the other night and it went surprisingly well! We were both a little nervous as Violet hadn't napped and was seeming a bit grumpy, and Lucy is, well, a two month old! But we figured the worst that could happen is a little crying and a trip back home. Well, I'm happy to say that there were no tears and we had a lovely time! Here's what helped in case anyone else is toting an infant along on the Fourth:

1. A big blanket - We got there a bit late, as we tend to do these days (still trying to get the hang of two!) and there wasn't a bench or seat in site. Luckily we did think ahead and brought a blanket, so we just spread out on the soft grass which ended up being perfect. Violet got to run around and catch fireflies and she snuggled with her papa during the show.

2. A floppy hat - To keep the sun off that wee little head

3. White Noise App - I can't say enough how much this app on my phone has come in handy. We purchased  (in the middle of the night!) it when we traveled to Australia with Violet. We were actually in a hotel room right by the elevators and could hear the dinging and people chatting as they got off all night long. None of us could sleep, so out of desperation I bought this app and we haven't looked back.

I use it all of the time to help Lucy fall asleep on the go. It calms her down in the car too (she's surprisingly not a fan of driving around). She does really great at parties and things of that nature with a lot of constant background noise, but for something intermittent like big booming fireworks, this is a life saver. It of course didn't block out the noise (what could?!), but it definitely made her feel more comfortable with it.

4. A breezy outfit - Something comfy and light for those hot summer days and evenings.

5. A light blanket - to swaddle baby for comfort, nursing in public, or to provide shade from the sun

6. Your favorite carrier - This was huge at the fireworks. Lucy felt safe and snuggled with her mama and slept through the entire show!

7. A pacifier - I know some prefer the thumb, but my babies have loved their paci's - instant soothing. We actually use the classic Nuk pacifiers, but this one is super cute.

I also kept my hand over Lucy's ear (the other ear was pressed against my chest) and swayed back and forth to keep her in motion. We had a great time and I'm really excited for the parade we'll be going to on the Fourth! Hope you all have a lovely holiday - kids or not! xo, Lauren


  1. I'm so glad you wrote this post because forth of July is tomorrow and I'm a little worried how my son will do, the white noise app is a fantastic idea!



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