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I don't know about you, but I'm personally kinda nosy curious about what a typical day looks like for other mamas. So since I can't really be a fly on the wall, I asked some of my favorite bloggers to share bits and pieces of their everyday lives here on A Lovely Lark. Today's topic? Breakfast!

Here's what a typical breakfast looks like at our house...

Although we (of course) don't eat them every day, a big stack of fluffy pancakes is a regular occurrence around here. Violet couldn't have much in the sweet foods department when she was intolerant to dairy (it's in pretty much EVERY dessert known to man), but we found that good ol' Bisquick is dairy free if you substitute a cup of water or coconut milk for the cow's milk.

It's now one of her favorite meals in the world, so we try to make them a couple of times a week. Not the most creative or healthful thing in the world, but isn't there a saying about eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper? If there's any truth to it Violet has that one down in spades!

Now for some more healthful mamas ;) Here's a peek into Drea (who always has seriously mouth-watering food on her gorgeous blog - you should check out her "things on toast" series - who knew you could do so many yummy things with toast?!) of OhDearDrea's typical morning meal:

We typically do toast and a coconut yogurt or cereal of some sort:

1. (vegan) cream cheese and honey on sourdough toast
2. avocado toast
3. (vegan) cream cheese with avocado with blue berries and strawberries

...theres a trend there, huh? haha. I didn't even realize it until I started writing it. Guess we like our toast. 

Thanks Lauren!

Her food pics are always so pretty - I'm totally wanting some fun/colorful plates now!

And last but not least, Brandy of Heart & Habit (love her blog - she has the most adorable, uber stylish, happy kids on the block):

A typical breakfast for us usually happens before the sun rises - we are generally early risers and now the sun is a late comer. So I snapped a pic of my very own cold breakfast:

 The kids have caught on to my love for Grapefruits so instead of a full one I am left with two slices, my coffee is cold because I've been busy getting the day prepped (or just getting back from yoga) and I almost totally forgot to eat my breakfast (chia seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, strawberries and almond milk) because I was distracted by my people. In my opinion it's the recipe for a perfect breakfast. 

Mmmm - they seriously both look so yummy (and creative and healthy!) I'd love to see what all of the rest of you do for breakfast for your toddler/preschooler/kid/teen/self! It doesn't have to be pretty or styled or super healthy or wildly creative - just real. Your honest to goodness everyday breakfast. If you would like to share (and satiate my curiosity) feel free to link up below (or just leave a comment!) And if you want continue to share your everyday with us, I listed the dates and topics we'll be covering below. Feel free to suggest topics too - I'm totally open to more ideas on how I can be nosy ;) A big thank you to Drea and Brandy for sharing a tidbit of your lives with all of us! xo, Lauren

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  1. We do pancakes a lot as well. My daughter just tested out of her egg allergy so we'll be having lots more fun with breakfast from now on ;)

  2. We do pancakes a lot as well. My daughter just tested out of her egg allergy so we'll be having lots more fun with breakfast from now on ;)

  3. Yummmm, I love pancakes! Blueberry pancakes with yogurt are my favourite, I need to have them more often!

    1. I love blueberry too, unfortunately V isn't a fan :)



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