Favorite Parenting Links Lately

Sorry for the lack of posting last week! We were all a bit under the weather with colds. Violet , Kev and I are feeling (mostly) better, but poor little Lucy still has the sniffles. (Luckily she loves the snot sucker :)) Without further ado...my favorite parenting links from around the interwebz as of late:

1. Six words to say to your child - I've been using this one a lot lately!

2. New baby smell is real - as good as cocaine in fact?!

3. A unique take on the behavior chart + funny parenting fails.

4. Parenting then vs. parenting now.

5. How to be a better mom in five steps.

6. You're doing okay, ma.

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P.P.S. Favorite parenting links from September and how other mamas feed their kids in the morning.


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