Making Life a Little Easier with PanacheBox

Speaking of Fall, one thing I didn't have much time for this year was shopping for a new cold-weather wardrobe for my growing little girl. While I usually love scouring the interwebs for a good deal on "blue, wed, and puhple" clothing, with sweet little Lucy around shopping whether in person or online is just not an easy task any more. So I was thrilled to try out PanacheBox - basically beautiful (and comfortable) kids' clothing mailed to your doorstep!

When the box arrived I was smitten with it's fun shape (we made it into a Barbie castle!) and waited to see what my picky daughter would think of it's contents. Well, she was not disappointed - there were many, "oohs!" and "Oh my's!" - especially when she found a pretty necklace inside.

I love that the clothing is high quality and that everything works well with her existing wardrobe. Every piece is very versatile, so were able to mix and match things so easily, and she wears the clothing for all of her normal little person activities - tree climbing, park play, napping, and flower picking. I'm hapy that it's all practical for a kid on the go.

Violet's decided that this (below) is her "special" necklace and wears it all of the time. One thing I really love about this piece is that it has a magnetic closure, which is strong enough that it holds up with all of the normal rompings of a three-year-old, but is easy enough that she can put it on and take it off herself, which she LOVES to do. It's also playful, but goes well with just about anything she decides to wear (I lay out a few pieces each day and she picks her own outfits - little Miss Independent ;))

There are two ways you can build your PanacheBox - you can choose items yourself from their website or have them create a custom box for you little one. After looking at the site Violet and I liked just about everything, so we opted to be surprised - I really don't think you can go wrong! If you're like me and feeling a little overwhelmed with life, definitely check out the site - anything to make more time for my girls and less time for running errands is super amazing in my book! Plus they're offering readers of A Lovely Lark $50 off with the coupon code LARK through October 30th!

Happy Fall! xo, Lauren


  1. Love those floral pants! I wish I was a stylish as Violet.

  2. Adorable pictures! My daughter loves that necklace too and the fact that she can put it on herself :)



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