Happy Friday!

Ahoy! I'm thrilled to have reached the end of what seemed like a very VERY long week. Lucy has the sniffles and has been sneezing her paci out of her crib almost every hour on the hour, and I'm a bit of a zombie at this point. On a happier note, lots of fun things happening around here -
I'm currently prepping for a big holiday giveaway and gift guides to go up next week, getting ready for a family Christmas photo shoot, we've got a play to go to, breakfast with Santa, and a birthday party this weekend, and Lucy is sitting up on her own and army crawling a bit, so needless to say we've got a lot going on here at the H-Haus!

Here are some links that I'm loving on for your weekend enjoyment:

Have you seen Joanna's fabulous apartment makeover?! Emily Henderson can seriously do no wrong.

I'm using these lovely photos as inspiration for our family Christmas photos we're having taken at the end of the month, and collecting more on my Winter Wonderland Pinterest board.

Such a refreshing post from Nicole.

This kind of makes me sad - Thanksgiving dinner in a tent in front of Best Buy?! But I'm glad to hear some big retailers are letting their employees enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday.

The difference between parents and everyone else (made me cry I laughed so hard)!

A pretty print from one of our sponsors.

Me elsewhere - Thanksgiving ideas for kids and pretty DIY Advent Calendars (you can check out all of my posts for Apartment Therapy here)

Lucy will be wearing these adorable boots and this pretty little bow for our family photos, I'd love to get this hat for Violet (but I'm not sure she would keep it on), and either this dress or this one for myself.

If my washer and dryer weren't absolutely ancient I would totally do this!

A Thanksgiving garland and Thanksgiving table.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! xo, Lauren


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