Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Pretend


White Fox Mask ($59.05) | Wooden Star Wand ($4.25) | Sequined Crown ($35.50) | Sparkle Tiara ($19.50) | Fox Tail ($42) | Wovenplay Cowboy ($104) | Featherband ($52) | Wooden Sheriff Badge ($5) | Red Riding Hood Cape ($88) | Bear Capelet ($83.85) | Bear Slippers ($) | Big Beard ($40) | Superhero Mask & Cape ($75) | Pirate Set ($45) | Orange Fox Mask ($16.56) | Ferocious Lion Coat ($160)

P.S. Last year's dress up gift guide and don't forget to enter the foxy thing and play time giveaways !  

P.P.S. A winner has been chosen on the baby and decorate giveaways - congratulations to Stephane and Lauren and thank you to all who entered! xo, Lauren

2013 Holiday Gift Guide:

  • For Your Little Artist
  • For the Babes
  • Make Believe
  • Musical Toys
  • Play Kitchen
  • Animal Friends
  • Little Movers

  • Featured:

    Little Goodall's whimsical children's coats are sure to inspire warm smiles. In store find beautifully crafted children's clothing with an emphasis on creative yet classic design and high quality.
    Little Goodall was created by artist and designer Molly Goodall in the fall of 2010. A stay at home mother at the time, Goodall was frustrated when her two year old son refused to wear the hoods on his coats. Searching for a creative solution, she designed and made the original Ferocious Felt Lion coat to inspire him to put his hood up in the cold. Friends commented, orders were placed, and Little Goodall was born! 

    Comfortable handmade animal masks and tail sets, costumes and dressing up accessories for all ages. Dressing up accessories are great toys to encourage imaginative play at any age. Young children don't really like dressing and undressing very often, even if it is for fun, and that is why the mask and tail sets are ideal for them. They are easy to put on and easy to take off. They can be worn with every day clothes at home, in the park or going shopping. They can be even worn while having a little snack because my masks have an open nose and mouth. They are also eco-friendly since the tails are stuffed with clean re-purposed plastic bags. Masks can be worn at all ages even for adults. Great to have fun with the kids at home or to wear it for a fun party event.


    1. Such a cute theme for a gift guide!

    2. A gift is unique way to explore the love towards the humanity as there are occasions in life where we offer vivid gifts but towards cute children are educational toys one of the best and ultimate gift.



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