Tying Up Loose Ends


In case you didn't see my posts on Facebook or Apartment Therapy, I wanted to put it out here as well. We're hoping to start the wheels turning in the direction of selling our house and finding a slightly larger one for our family. Between the baby things, the preschooler things, the new explosion of Christmas things, and just our normal stuff, the house is feeling way to small for our family. We've tried decluttering and rethinking our spaces, but we just keep coming back to the fact that as much as we love this little house, it isn't going to hold us forever. A third baby isn't off the table, and it feels like we're just constantly stepping over and trying to find homes for everything.

Finances are going to be a big question mark, as I'm currently off work for the year with the kids and am not getting paid and would love to be part-time when I do go back. I'm not sure how much of a financial stretch that would end up being, as I have yet to look into daycare options (our trusted babysitter is adopting her fifth child, so unfortunately she can no longer watch my girls). I'm also not sure how much of our nest egg we'll end up using during my time off. We still have a long way to go. But regardless of all of that I'd like to get our minds focused in that direction and set the wheels in motion. I also blog over at Apartment Therapy, and when they offered for me to participate in the January Cure this year it seemed like the perfect way to get started. We're the kind of people who need deadlines to get things done, especially these days with two kids underfoot.

We've accomplished a lot in our time here at the H-Haus - knocking down walls, painting and repainting, putting up wallpaper, installing trim and hardwood floors, replacing the roof, hot water heater, and furnace...the list goes on. But there are a lot of loose ends to tie up before we could even think about putting our house on the market. We bought at the height of the market and I seriously doubt that we'll get what we paid for the place, so we want to have it looking tip-top to get as much as we can back out of it. Hopefully launching this goal out into the universe will help to make it a reality. Wish us luck and you can follow along with my January Cure right here! xo, Lauren

P.S. Last year's January Cure and our master bedroom refresh.


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