Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought + Ones I Wish I Hadn't

In case you missed it, I shared a few of my favorite baby items (and a few I could have lived without) over on Apartment Therapy last week. The funny thing is, the list would have been totally different if I had written this when I had Violet! Is it just me or did anyone of you have a different must-have list for each of your babies?


  1. When my now-two-year-old started teething at six months, I bought her a lovely organic wooden teether off of etsy, to my husband's consternation ("you spent how much on that??"). She had no interest in it. None. No matter how many times I handed it to her, she'd chew it for a second or two then drop it on the floor. My second baby is now eight months old and has used it more in the last two months than the older kid did in two years. It's crazy how the things you loved and used for the first kid do not translate at all to the second!

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who experienced this!

  2. Very helpful list as I prepare for my first little one :)



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