Family Room Updates

A few months ago I was trying to decide whether or not to squeeze a mini gallery wall into this little corner of our family room and I did this mock up and took a picture for debate purposes (during which Violet hopped into the picture and kind of stole the show):

So anyway, I decided to go for it, and while it's still a work in progress it's not looking too shabby at the moment. Things are actually nailed to the wall this time rather than leaned, taped, or sticky-tacked, so that's an improvement! (And the cats decided to get in on the action in this picture - Violet was at her grandparents'):

We also were considering replacing our rug with something a little bit more plush. I love the look (and price) of flat woven rugs, but they aren't exactly the best for kids to crawl around and play on. I hated to spend the money at the moment - plush, pretty rugs can be sooo pricey, but luckily we were saved at the last moment by the lovely people over at Rug Pad USA. We had a no-slip "pad" before, but it definitely didn't add any cushioning whatsoever. I never realized what a difference a good rug pad could make until we tried one out. They sent us one of their premium-lock rug pads for the family room and an eco-cushion rug pad for the rug in Lucy's nursery, and I am truly amazed by the improvement they've made. The rugs are so much more comfortable to walk and sit on and don't shift around like they used to. Definitely recommend them.

Now if only I could get a better camera I'd be a happy camper. Ours kind of bit the dust - it's just old I guess and isn't taking nice photos any more, so I've been stuck with just the iPhone for now. Someday maybe we'll be able to afford a shiny new DSLR! A girl can dream, right? Luckily the iPhone isn't so terrible. Here are some cute pics I got of Violet and Lucy romping around on the couch the other day:

Not too terrible for a phone. This is like their favorite thing in the world to do these days - rip all of the pillows off of the couch and bounce around like crazy people. And Violet just loooves when Kev builds forts and slides and things for her them. Being a kid is the best. No wonder Violet never wants to grow up :)

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  1. What a sweet happy corner! Well done!

  2. Love it! I was wondering where your couch is from? We're in the market for a new one and I really like that color.

  3. I really like your striped rug! Where did you purchase it from? Did you have to trim the pad to fit under your rug and hide it?

  4. I love that the sofa cushions are in backwards for the 'reveal' photos, lol. Life with kids!

  5. I have the rubber grippy stuff under our area rug. Do you have that too, along with the pad?

  6. I agree!! I would love to know where the couch is from. We are searching for a new one, and I really like the one you have!

  7. Hi There, I was wondering if you would be willing to share your sources for your artwork on the walls (particularly the pink ones and multicolored). Also, would love to know where you got your pink and blue pillows. I LOVE your style and have a similar, small home in Canada with lots of character. I am so inspired by what you have done. Thanks so much for sharing :))



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