DIY Easter Bunny Surprise Balls

I found the cutest Easter bunny surprise balls last year online, and really wanted to buy them for Violet's Easter basket this year. Unfortunately, they were no longer for sale :/ So I decided they looked easy enough - why not make my own? And I think he turned out pretty cute!

Here's how I did it:

1. Fill an Easter egg with goodies of your choice (these are a couple of Violet's favorite flower hair ties from Lorie Marie's Pretty Little Things shop):

2. Take some streamers and start wrapping them around the egg (if you want a more "perfect" ball shape, cut your streamers in half or thirds so that the width is thinner. I kept mine the standard size so that it would be easier to unwrap for Violet):

3. Keep wrapping until you get a ball shape, then tape the end and kind of shape the ball gently with your hands:

4. Cut a circle and two bunny ear shapes out of card stock. Use markers to fill in the ears and draw a nose and mouth onto the circle. Bend the bottom of each ear back and glue everything onto the surprise ball. Draw the eyes directly onto the streamers:

Voila! Violet saw me making it, so I'm not sure what she'll think about something Mom made being in her Easter basket (you know, because the Easter bunny is supposed to bring that kind of stuff), but maybe she won't give it a second thought? I guess we'll have to wait and see! xo, Lauren

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