An Update on the Nursery

I really wanted to update the nursery for Lucy, but kind of got stuck when it came to decision making. I very much wanted to brighten up the space by painting the walls white and bringing in some fun colorful accessories, but I was also really attached to the tree that I had painted on the wall for Violet.  I finally had a lightning bolt moment when I realized that I could trace the tree with a large roll of tracing paper that I had from another project so that it wouldn't be permanently gone. If I regretted painting over it or wanted to use the design again in a new home I'd be able to put up the tracing paper and transfer the design onto the walls really easily. It felt a lot less permanent and made me feel a lot better about changing the room color.

When the new paint color was up, the room was pretty much a completely blank slate, and I was really excited about the possibilities that opened up with the change.

It's far from finished, but I brought in a few colorful accessories that have been on my wish list and the space feels so fun already. It definitely reflects Lucy's personality more - she's such a happy, bubbly little girl and she is in love with the dots. Every morning she wakes up and points at them with a huge grin on her face.

I'm definitely moving at a snail's pace when it comes to finishing the space - it feels like everything takes a ridiculous amount of time to complete these days. Two kids means no time for mama's projects unless they happen to nap at the same time. And with Violet being very anti-nap or room time these days, that doesn't happen often. For now I've taken the attitude that the most important thing is to fill up our days playing princesses, digging in the dirt, and visiting the library, and the decorating will get done when it gets done. I'm excited to share updates as I sloooowly make progress on the space! xo, Lauren

P.S. The last update on the nursery waaaay back when I was pregnant with Lucy and an update on Violet's room.


  1. love your attitude about it! it's already so cute and i know will be even more adorable when finished!

  2. Hi lauren! Would you be able to provide your dresser and pink rug source for your baby's nursery? I am redoing my daughter's toddler room and cannot find a cute rug like that anywhere!!

    1. The rug is from West Elm and the dresser is just an old oak veneer hand-me-down that we dressed up with some paint and knobs. Hope that helps a little bit! Good luck with the decorating! :)

  3. I think it's nice to be able to take your time and decorate when it feels right. I'm so glad I didn't do a lot in the nursery for our youngest because I've changed my mind a few times as well, and it'll truly be a reflection of her personality once it is "done". The dots are adorable.



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