Art for the Nursery: Which Would You Choose?

I'm trying to decide on a print for Lucy's nursery to go on the wooden shelf above her bookcase, but I just simply can't choose between the two of these from The Animal Print Shop. That little fox is just too handsome, and the deer is so, so sweet. Which would you choose?

(On the other hand, I suppose I could use the "Love" artwork from Violet's original nursery? It is currently homeless, as it doesn't really fit in her new space. Plus - "free!")


  1. My preference is for the deer - I like the placement of her on the page and those ears?! Those ears are precious.

  2. I second the deer, but maybe try the LOVE print before pulling the trigger since it is free, after all. :-)

  3. DEER! Personally I love them both much like you (I probably could say that about ALL the prints in the shop) but for some reason that deer just seems perfect for your space.

  4. The deer! It's so sweet, just like your little Lucy.

  5. the deer seems so inquisitive!



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