Update on the Family Room


Well, it's certainly not finished, but I'm happy to say that we've got one room in the house feeling a little bit more livable! Here's a reminder of what it looked like before:

We still have to:

  • Paint and replace the cabinet doors at the bottom of the bookshelves
  • Paint the shelves 
  • Polycrylic the bookshelves and mantel
  • Paint the ceiling (maybe a light blue/green?)
  • Replace the fluorescent lighting with LED's
  • Paint the vent cover
  • Find a new coffee table (this is a super old one that's been hanging out in our basement for about seven years!)
This is the current way that we're using the room - mainly as a TV/play room, but we're thinking we eventually want to move the television to the living room and make this more of a family/sitting room. I'd love to replace the TV stand with something that has a little more personality/character. My parents gave us my old piano as as Christmas gift, now that we actually have space for it, and that might end up in here as well! And I hate the textured ceiling. The plan right now is to paint it, but I'd love to do something a little more extreme - drywall? scrape it? cover it somehow? Kev isn't into any of those ideas, unfortunately. But for now this is working for us, and we're all loving our lighter, brighter, more functional family room. xo, Lauren


  1. Hi Lauren! I have been following your blog for years (I believe I found you on the nest maybe)and I just wanted you to know that I adore your style. Also, I really loved your posts on baby products in the past. I love what you have done with your new home. Did you replace the carpet or were you lucky enough to have beautiful hardwoods underneath? Sorry if I missed that post if you covered that topic. Also that rug is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! We got lucky with this room and found hardwoods beneath the carpet! I couldn't believe it. We didn't get so lucky in the living room - it was just subfloor underneath the carpet, so we did install hardwoods in there.

  2. What a beautiful and comfy space! I also love that rug - the colors are amazing!

  3. Beautiful bright space!! Where is this rug from? So in love with the colors! Thanks!

  4. Beautiful bright space!! Where is that rug from? So in love with the colors! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Kristyn! I got it on Amazon - http://amzn.to/1PeEej0 - but it looks like it's currently out of stock. It's on Joss & Main right now though! https://goo.gl/Yh4Ujw



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