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I'm so excited to share Lucia's beautiful room here on A Lovely Lark today! I "met" Lucia's mom Carla when I first began using Instagram, and I've followed along with her feed ever since. When her daughter Lucia's room popped up on my feed recently, I reached out and asked her if I could share her daughter's lovely space here on A Lovely Lark. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

My husband, Evan, and I moved from New Jersey to Lancaster almost two years ago.  We have two children, Lucia who is 5 and Evan who is 2.5.  I'm a stay-at-home mom while Evan works in finance.  When we built our house, we made sure Lucia's room was first on our list to accomplish.  She had some major adjusting to do and we wanted her room to feel like "home".

Since the painter braved the ceiling and walls, all I had to do was decorate and Evan moved in her furniture!  Lucia helped pick the paint for her ceiling before we moved and also assisted with sticking the polkadots to the wall!  My linear child had them in a strait line across one wall.  That's when she learned that it's ok to "scatter" :)  I think the intention for Lucia's room was to keep it classy, but playful.  This room will grow with her; we kept the basics simple (bed, dresser) but we allowed ourselves room to splurge on updates when she develops more of an opinion about what she wants in her space.

Lucia received her dollhouse from her Grandy when she was two.  He went All. Out. with stair railings, molding and even a furnace!  I painted the family dolls as well as the princess dolls (Elsa, Anna, Merida and Rapunzel).  Sadly, when Lu's little brother came along, some things were destroyed.  Now that he's a bit older, they play dollhouse together and I love hearing them laughing and quietly imitating their daddy and me!   

Lucia had a gallery wall in our old house and had helped make some art that easily transitioned into her new room in Pennsylvania.  We had some of the other pieces and just added more personal pictures, like her as a baby, and her holding her brother for the first time.  She particularly loves the ledge that her daddy made which holds the overflow of books, pictures of her friends, cards she receives, or whatever she "loves" at the time.  She can easily clip it to the twine and take it down as she pleases.  

I pretty much fell in love with the Dash and Albert rug years ago and knew it would be perfect in her new room.  It has so many colors which you can play up with accessories, sheets, pillows and more.  Since the rug was from her previous room, it was easy to change things up a bit with the paint colors, but keep the familiarity which was important to her, and us.  She felt safe and comfortable which was all we could have hoped for.

I think my favorite pieces are the ones that have been hand-made - the four book shelves and ledge that house the ever-growing collection of books, her dollhouse and the dolls, as well as the gallery wall.  I'm a sucker for art, especially art that my girl can whip up and be proud of.  Lucia also loves the cross-stitch birth record that her Uncle in Iowa made for her.  He made one for my husband and used that same design for both of the kids birth records, but changed up the colors. I had it professionally framed at Michaels.  It's beautiful, and Lu loves that it's "like daddy's" and she loves to tell people she was born in New York :)  

We had a lot of fun decorating her room, and it's evolving as she gets older and as our house becomes more of our home.  We are really proud of this room and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Thank you so much, Carla! Carla was kind enough to share sources with us as well:

Source List
Jenny Lind Bed:  Land of Nod
Dresser:  Land of Nod (Discontinued)
Jenny Lind Side Table:  Land of Nod
Knobs:  Anthropologie, Local shop
Rug: Dash and Albert
Book/Art Ledge:  DIY
Chunky Book Shelves:  DIY
Dollhouse:  DIY (Adapted from YHL)
Dollhouse Furniture:  Amazon
Dolls:  DIY (Wooden Pegs from Etsy)
Gallery Wall Frames:  Ikea
Art:  DIY, Etsy Artists
Curtains:  Ikea
Adhesive PolkaDots:  Etsy
Quilt:  Land of Nod
Cloud Pillow:  Land of Nod
Other Pillows:  DIY
Bean Bag:  PB Teen
Sheets:  PillowFort (Target)
Lights:  West Elm
Paint:  Benjamin More


  1. Lovely colors. Bright and cheerful. The Land of Nod pillow is one of my all time favorites.



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