Favorite Idea Boards of '09


From top to bottom:

Hopefully next year I'll have even more to choose from - I have so much fun doing these! If you're in need of an idea board for a room or event, contact me at withTWOcats@gmail.com or fill out the Idea Board Request Form by clicking on the menu button above. (they're FREE!)

Little Miss Heirlooms - Idea Board Challenge

I have to thank Priscilla from Little Miss Heirlooms for featuring one of my nursery idea boards on her blog!

It was actually originally inspired by one of her posts. Now she has come up with a challenge for her readers - design an idea board for a nursery in pinks and reds - what a fun and creative idea! She will feature her favorites in her next e-mag. You have until January 25th to enter, so get your creative juices flowing. Here's my submission:

Her blog is also a finalist in Apartment Therapy's best Kids at Home Design Blog for 2009, so if you like her blog, give her your vote! 

P.S. She's also doing a giveaway for custom crib bedding - click here for more info!

This one's just for fun :)

Now that we know we're having a girl, we're going for a more girly and less gender-neutral space, but here's another nursery idea board that I created for fun. It was inspired again by Priscila at Little Miss Heirlooms!

Mobile - Copenhagen Styles
Crib -Babies R Us
Paint – Behr Smart White
Wall Decal - Etsy
Crib Fabric/Bedding - Etsy
Eames Rocker - Ebay
Elephant Toy - Land of Nod
Lamp - cb2
Green Pillow - cb2
White Pillow - cb2

Essential Cleaning Supplies

Earlier this week on the Nest, someone asked what essential cleaning supplies are in our cleaning arsenal, and I thought it would make for an interesting post. Plus, what's better than starting the new year with a clean house!?

Here's the what I came up with:

Some of these have multiple uses, such as the vinegar, baking soda, Method or Seventh Generation (whatever's cheaper) All-Purpose cleaner, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, lint roller, and Clorox Wipes. Others are for a very specific purpose, like Swiffer Wet-Jet Floor Cleaner, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner, Scotch Brite Toilet Cleaner, and Windex.

I try to go as green as possible with my cleaning supplies, but there are certain things I buy because they WORK and make my life easier (like the toilet cleaner). (And to be honest, I want something pretty hardcore for my toilet.)

And for those of you who don't already have enough to clean, here's a link back to a previous post of the top ten dirtiest places in your home...

Or for those of you who are looking for a completely non-toxic cleaning kit, check here or here.

So anyway, what are some of your must-have cleaning supplies? I'd love to find some other options!

Squishy Plums and Nectarines (and a pregnancy update)

Love this...stolen from a fun daddy-to-be blog I found - smonk you:

Pregnancy Update:

How far along? 22 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 15 pounds

Stretch marks? Nope. 

Sleep: It's okay - mostly woken by cats, not baby.

Best moment this week: Found out we're having a little girl!

Movement: Lots of pokes throughout the day.

Food cravings: Not really cravings - just hungry.

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: None (thank goodness!)

Belly Button in or out? Beginning to emerge.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.

What I am looking forward to: Starting the nursery!

Weekly Wisdom: First trimester = tiredness, waiting, and nausea. Second trimester = way more fun!

Milestones: 21-week ultrasound - baby is healthy! Found out sex - girl! Lots of movement!

And by the way, you should really check out the above mentioned daddy-to-be blog if you are at all interested in the world of baby. It really is hilarious. Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite posts so far:

We all hear stories of the food cravings women get during pregnancy. Sometimes it's weird stuff.

But what do you do if her craving is something you're totally objected to? Right now Staci's hankering squishy plums and nectarines. I'm totally disgusted by them...they are basically rotten fruit and she loves them.

But I want to make her happy so I went on the hunt for rotting, dying fruit.

There I was at the grocery store trying to pick out some squishy fruit. While most people feel the fruit for ripeness I was feeling it for death...

Seriously - check out the blog to read the rest. This one really made me laugh out loud!

If I Were a Rich Girl...

I would buy my furniture from Maine Cottage:



Love the colors, love the styles, I love, love LOVE everything!

Our Christmas Gift

For our Christmas gift, the Hubster and I opened our first Christmas card from Baby H! We were so excited to find out if we are having a boy or a girl...

Here we are opening the card after watching the ultrasound video again on the computer:

And here is the card!

Sorry you can't really see the writing, but here's what it says...

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Featured Artist - Erika Somogyi

Found her work over on Sneak Pique and loved it!

Too bad only one of the paintings is for sale as a print!

Somebody Stop Me...

I keep coming up with new ideas for the nursery! This one was inspired by a new blog that I've started following - Little Miss Heirlooms. The author, Priscila, has fabulous ideas for all things baby. Here's the post that got me started - I loved the colors and even though I could never afford the furniture, I'm sure I can find/create something similar:

What do you think?

Chartreuse Lamp – cb2
Tree Wall Art - Etsy
Crib Fabric/Bedding - Etsy
Crib - Babies R Us
White Shaggy Pillow - cb2
Green Corduroy Pillow - cb2
Hippo - cb2
Paint – Behr Sea Salt
Number ‘6’ -Etsy
Rocker - Maine Cottage
Desk - Maine Cottage
Cowardly Lion -Etsy
Plush Doll - Etsy

Pink & Turquoise

It's one of my favorite girly color combos:

Image Source

If I had my own room all to myself, I would probably decorate it with some form of these colors!

Can you tell I was snowed in over the weekend?

I used the time (being trapped in my house) to clean the house and work on my blog layout. My sister came up with a fabulous new header for me, I added a new background texture, cleaned up the layout and created a navigation bar. There is still a lot more I'd like to do, but I'm no HTML/CSS wizard nor do I really know how to use DreamWeaver, but maybe someday I'll get there.

So what do you think of the new look? Any suggestions for me?

Christmas Around the H-Haus

I thought I'd take some photos with the new dining room table and chairs:

Merry Christmas everyone!

And one more...

Here's one that my sister made - I love having an artsy graphic designer sister!

I ♥ flourishes. Thanks sissy!

And another...

Similar, but a little different...can you tell I'm snowed in at home today?

Playing around with my blog layout and header again too. I know - I'm fickle!

New Blog Button!

I finally created one and I love it!

What do you think?

Special Delivery!

Our first piece of furniture for our little one is here - our Jenny Lind crib:

Love it! Inexpensive, the perfect fit for our small space, classic, and safe. Thanks to Babies R Us for free shipping and letting us use a promo code. Can't wait til the nursery remodel is finished so that we can set it up.

I'm sure we'll be buying and registering for a lot more baby items soon, the big ultrasound is right around the corner and my belly is grooooooowing...

And speaking of growing - I can't believe how much my hair has grown in TWO weeks! Looks like those prenatal vitamins are really working. Note to self: Schedule an appoint for a hair cut!

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