Decorating with...Maps

I'm seeing maps everywhere lately! And no, I'm not on a road trip. Instead of hiding in glove compartments and hanging on classroom walls, maps are now being used as art. And why not? They can represent places we've been, or places we hope to go. A map can be a great way to display your heritage or help your child to become curious about the world. Whatever the reason, maps are definitely a style statement:

So what are you waiting for? Go raid your glove compartment and hang one of these cartographic wonders on your wall ASAP!


  1. i am in love with that map in the first picture! do you know where it is from?

  2. It's from the Home Sweet Home bio - link on the side of my blog.

  3. Those are beautiful! I want to get a map to mark places we've been...these are great inspiration photos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I decorate with maps because they're colorful and free with my National Geographic subscription. These photos look better than my place though.

    I love your blog!



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