Fikle Chik + Picky Husband = ShopStyle

So I've decided to look for a mirror to go above my fireplace mantel. It currently sports a too-small frame with an original Aboriginal painting purchased in Australia and centerpiece hand-me-downs from the weddings of various relations. It needs a little TLC.

But somehow driving all over creation does NOT sound appealing to me in any way. No longer will I push a giant metal cart or lug around heavy bags! I am a modern woman of the 21st century and I will use the World Wide Web!

So online shopping is the ticket, but have your fingers ever gotten REALLY tired after a full twenty minutes of clicking on each of your favorite websites? I mean, we all have to be wary of carpal tunnel syndrome, right? Well do I have a treat for you! I have stumbled upon the ultimate in online shopping laziness efficiency - Their tagline is, "All the stores you love. All in one place." And they aren't joking.

Choose from Anthropologie to Zappos - it's all there! You can refine your search by brand, store, sale, and/or price to narrow down your selections to a tee.

With a fickle chick like me and a picky husband like mine, is the only way to go. Here are some beauts I uncovered with just a couple clicks of the mouse:

Saved some time and gas money and avoided carpal tunnel syndrome to boot? That's my kind of shopping! Now it's time to show them to the hubster and let him pick them apart. Which one do you think should grace our mantel?


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