Our Little Money Pit

Love The Money Pit - one of the (many) greats of the 80's. Tom Hanks being sucked into the floor will never cease to make me cackle. Little did I know that our little 1930's tudor would be a (much smaller) version of my favorite farce. We (naively) deemed the house 'move in ready' and thought only minor cosmetic work would need to be done. Needless to say, we were sadly mistaken.

Since moving into our humble abode, we have removed load-bearing walls and carpet, put in new hardwood floors, installed a new furnace and replaced every radiator in the house. We've taken out closets and built new ones, rewired several spaces, and found mahogany paneling behind our drywall. And we didn't stop there. The hot water heater and roof have been replaced and our French doors have been redone to prevent them from leaking. And we aren't finished. Not. Even. Close.

Oh Tom! You tried to warn me...



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