Recycling Food

Okay, okay it's not as bad as it sounds. Lets call it re-purpose. The hubster and I love to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. But with just two of us, we always seem to have random leftover veggies and fruits. For example, let's say we made a delectable spinach salad with fresh baby spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, cheese and bacon:

We both eat our fill, but still have small amounts of each ingredient left over. Do we throw it out? Do we eat spinach salad for a third night in a row? As neither of those options usually sounds appealing, we try to find a way to repurpose the measly remnants.

Last night, we used this option to spice up a bland frozen pizza. We added the cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms to create this masterpiece:

a delicious and nutritious (sort of) pizza pie! Now that's amore!

Tonight we used the final remnants on our thick and juicy Memorial Day weekend burgers:

See, recycled food isn't as disgusting as you thought was it? Save some moola and eat like a king - now that's what I call smart cooking!


  1. Did you take these photos? If so, I must say that you have quite the eye miss photographer! I think they're really good! (as well as the ones below of the magazines etc.) Nice angles!

  2. Not the first one...but the other two are all mine! :) Not too terrible for a four-year-old pocket digital camera where the lens does not open on its own I suppose.



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