Wanted: Basement Warrior

Must be powerful, sturdy, and have the ability to suck moisture out of the air in a single bound!

Okay maybe that's not exaaaactly what we had in mind...

Seeing as how our house is about 75 years old, it's to be expected that we have a damp yucky basement. When we moved in, the house came with a dehumidifier - score! Which promptly died - fail. Sooooo the hubster and I trooped out to Tar-jay to buy a cheap reasonably priced replacement. One year later (right after the warranty was up) it too bit the dust.

This year we finally bit the bullet and bought a Frigidaire 50-Pint dehumidifier from Lowes. It was slightly pricier than our previous Target version, but looked a heck of a lot sturdier. We aren't normally into extended warranties, but given our track record we decided to shell out the extra $15.

Annnnnd (drumroll please) we are in love! This baby is powerful, well-designed, and user-friendly. We went from wimp to warrior for the difference of a mere thirty buckaroos - the hubster and I give it four thumbs up. So if you need to find a dehumidifier that sucks, we highly recommend that you buy this basement warrior!


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