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For all the clean freaks out there (and the people like me who do their best). Today I stumbled across a great new site - Sometimes it's not that we are too lazy to clean things, but that we don't realize that they even need to be cleaned. For example, when I moved into my own home, I did not know that the washing machine had to be cleaned. I mean, doesn't the detergent clean the washer when it cleans my clothes?

Apparently not, as evidenced by the built-up gunk that was in my agitator when I took it apart. (I so wish I had a front loader so I wouldn't have to deal with this agitator agitation) This site was another revelation to me. It has a list of the top ten dirtiest things in your home (and how to clean them). I knew some of these places were dirty (e.g. the tub), but others I never really thought about, like the telephone...

So without further ado, here are the top ten dirtiest things in our homes according to this site:

1. The Bathtub

2. The Kitchen Drain

3. The Telephone

4. The Toothbrush

5. The Remote Control

6. The Computer Keyboard & Mouse

7. The Cutting Board

8. Behind Appliances

9. The Top of the Refrigerator

10. Doorknobs

So now that you know WHAT to clean, you might want to know HOW to clean it. Here are some great tips from for each item. Now go forth and scrub!

Do you have any great cleaning solutions for these areas or other dirty spots in the house?


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