If Walls Could Talk...

Yesterday we realized that in order to install the fixtures, we would need to rip out the laundry chute in our 'linen' closet. It backs up to the bathtub. I use the work 'linen' loosely, as we really only have one shelf for towels, washcloths, etc. The chute is convenient, but as we were thinking about it, it does take up quite a bit of closet space:

Then the hubster had a brilliant idea - why not put the opening to the chute in the floor (kind of like a hatch or trapdoor) and add an extra shelf to the closet!? Score! So the demo began:

As the wood came out, more and more papers began to fly out with it. We soon had quite a collection of receipts, business cards, Christmas cards, photos, and letterhead:

One of the previous owners (our house has had many) must have stored paperwork in this closet. Over time, some of the papers probably fell between the cracks and were trapped in a time capsule of sorts. We felt like we were in an episode of If Walls Could Talk on HGTV!

Okay, so maybe not the most exciting episode, but it was still fun to see what our walls were hiding...

A ticket dated 1971:

A (very faded) photo of a boat:

An ad for pneumatic wheelchair cushions that safeguard against decubitus ulcers (this particular previous owner, we found out, was a physical therapist - our former office/now living room was his patient room):

A couple of Christmas cards:

A political ad:

A plane ticket:

A slide from Germany:

And finally, a postcard (with a 6 cent stamp):

There were a few other items, but these were the most 'interesting'.

So you never know what you're going to get when you begin a remodeling project. We started out with just a bathroom reno, and ending up with a closet reno and a time capsule to boot!

Do you have any stories about remodeling projects that have led to interesting discoveries about your house or other projects that you weren't expecting? We'd love to hear about it!


  1. What fun finds! I grew up in the same house my dad grew up in, and when he was ripping up carpet in the patio, we found carvings of his and his siblings' initials! His dad had etched them many many years ago. My dad had to re-level the concrete, so he carved mine and my siblings' initials onto the new floor. I wonder who will find them next!



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