Meet the Culinary Couple

Hello Fikle Chik readers! I'm so excited to share some of my favorite recipes with you. But before I start listing ingredients and instructions, let me introduce myself.

I'm a 20-something writer/producer/photographer/foodie who is planning an August wedding. I met my fiancé in a science lab, and the chemistry we experienced that first day soon spread into the kitchen.

We enjoy experimenting with fresh herbs, seasonal ingredients, and all things sweet. Most of what we've made to date is modifications from cookbooks and recipe websites. But we're anxious for the day when we can pull together an entire meal based on our own creativity and expertise!

To us, cooking isn't just about preparing delectable dishes; it's about laughter and love. It's about making memories in bites bursting with flavor, taking pleasure in other cultures, and sharing a bottle of wine while sauteing, stirring, and simmering.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our culinary adventures!


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