Pet Hair Beware!

So up to this point I have always relied on my trusty old sticky roller when trying to clean pet hair off of my microfiber sofa, chair, and ottoman

Although they work very well, in the back of my mind I always felt a little bit guilty that I was tossing all of those sticky strips of paper. I try to use as few disposable cleaning products as possible to reduce our footprint, but I had yet to come up with another product that worked as well.

Then, on HGTV, I saw a commercial for a new pet cleaning tool - the Pledge Fabric Sweeper:

The next time I was at Tar-jay, I decided to pick one up and try it out. I wanted to make this contest fair, so I decided to let some pet hair build up on our two ottomans in our living room and use one product on each ottoman (please excuse my toes):

Here are the results:

Pledge Fabric Sweeper: Took significantly longer and picked up slightly less hair

Sticky Roller: Took less time and picked up more hair, but tossed three strips of sticky paper

The Pledge Fabric Sweeper took a few more minutes and did not pick up all of the hair, but maybe microfiber was not its best subject. Trying it again on my guest bed (where my kitties like to snooze) it performed at a much higher level - easier to use, faster, and more hair gathering evident.

I think I will keep both products, but use the sticky roller for more velvety fabrics and the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for smoother fabrics. So pet hair, beware! I am fully armed and ready for combat.

Interested in the Pledge Fabric Sweeper? Download a coupon for $3 off here.

What do you use to clean pet hair at your house?


  1. I love the Pledge Fabric Sweeper! Good Tip!

  2. I utilize my new "stick Vac" by Bissell, at less than ten pounds, it does wonders for our three furballs (or rather the sofa they lay on)



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