Projects, Projects Everywhere!

Summer's here, and seeing as how the hubster and I are both teachers, this is our home reno time. And because the month of August is out due to our Australia trip, we have multiple projects in full swing! Here's a rundown of what we're working on:

1. Bathroom Remodel:

2. Chimney Repair (Cap, Crown Repair, Repointing):

3. Porch Railing (Scraping, Sanding, Painting):

4. Painting Giant Blank Canvas above Couch (In Progress):

5. New Garage Roof:

Of course, we aren't doing all of these projects ourselves. For the garage roof and chimney we're bringing in the pros. We've been pinching pennies all year in preparation for our summer of sprucing up the H-Haus. We were actually planning to reno the kitchen and/or recarpet the second floor in addition to our other tasks, but the invitation to Australia blew all of that out of the water! Maybe next summer...

What are your summer projects? Is there a certain time of year that you reserve to get your 'home work' finished...or are we the only crazies?


  1. Nope...we are "crazies" all year long. We just focus on getting outside projects done in the summer. We've done as much of the landscaping as we can do, so now we are hiring pros to do tree removal and to clean up our backyard tree line. That is our next BIG project.

  2. Thought of you and the hubbers! Be safe with your DIY projects!

    ps still waiting for a house so i can have projects!



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