An Unexpected Arrival

Much to my surprise as I went to scoop up the mail today, among the normal bills and catalogs I found this package:

The return address was from Etsy seller, madebyhank, one of my favorite purse makers! The only problem was, I hadn't ordered anything. What could it be?

I untied the pretty white and brown string and put aside the cute little dinosaur to find...

This super cute pink zip purse! The stitching detail on the front is so pretty:

I love the feminine ruffle detail on the back:

And the fun summer fabric lining the inside:

Even the handwritten tags were photo-worthy!

I didn't discover who my benefactor was until I read the receipt. My sister, Nikki, purchased it from her humble abode in Australia! The joys of online shopping. Thank you sissy - I love it! XOXO

Here are a few more of my fav's from madebyhank:

P.S. madebyhank is also on these sites:


  1. Aw - that was so sweet of your sister! Those are adorable! I love surprises like that. :)

  2. How cute! I must say I have a weakness when it comes to purses (family will tell you I own too many). I'll have to check this purse maker out for myself. =)

  3. they do have cute stuff, i have a show next weekend but i will be posting new stuff right after that on my etsy shop as well you should take a look ill keep you posted! hehe. feel free to look now at ...

    sorry to be cross promoting lauren



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