Decorating with...Clothes Lines!

Not only do I find clothes lines to be fun and whimsical, they are also very functional. They allow you to hang a ton of photos, artwork, and inspiration on your wall without making nail holes or ruining your walls with tape, pins, tacks etc. You can also change them out at a moments notice! Here are a few examples I've dug up - mostly found here:

The art teacher in me also says it's a fabulous way for all of you parents out there to display your child's artwork - a great alternative to the classic fridge and magnet approach.

And here are a few other similar ideas:

Who knew that some string and clothespins could be so chic and useful inside of the house? I may even create one of these in my art room to display student work...

Man Room Makeover

A fellow Nestie wrote to me recently about her husband's man room:

I would love help with DH's office/jam room/man room! We were just talking about colors today. We're definitely going to paint - we're thinking a shade of green. Maybe antique moss by Olympic? It's a long narrow room at 19.25x9. We haven't done anything but hang curtains. Here is the space:

He's into scary movies, music (I'm sure you can tell by all the equipment) and food! He doesn't like how everything seems pushed to the walls. I told him we need to move some things up to vertical storage and get rid of lots of stuff.
Thanks for the ideas!

A music-movie man room with lots of storage? Sounds like a plan. Here's the visual version:

(Click to make larger)

  • The television will stay in between the windows with a new stand for more storage
  • Floating shelves will be mounted above the television for more storage/decor
  • On the opposite wall this desk will provide storage for CD's/DVD's/books/decor
  • To the left and right of the desk will sit leather chairs, which will be angled toward the television (I liked these chairs because they look like director chairs and go with the movie poster theme)
  • Bench shelves will go beneath each window to house books, etc. and for additional seating
  • Movie posters/wall hangings should be pared down and those that are kept should be matted, framed and hung on the walls for a gallery effect
  • A rug on the floor will help to lighten up the room and break up the green
  • The guitar will be mounted on the wall for easy access

Paint - Olympic Antique Moss
Desk - IKEA
Leather Chairs - Overstock
TV Stand - JCPenney
Rug - CB2
Desk Chair - CB2
Wall Shelves - IKEA
Curtains - Crate & Barrel
Bamboo Shades - Bed, Bath & Beyond
Bookshelf Bench - IKEA
Storage Box - C&H

Painting Progress

My painting progress was temporarily interrupted when I ran out of white paint and lost my motivation, but I'm back in the saddle again! Although I'm usually a huge fan of color, there's already so much in my living room that I decided to go more neutral/natural. So far:

A few details added and color adjustments need to be made, but it's getting there!

Doors in = Shower Time!

Okay so the bathroom isn't finished BUT the shower is! That is really all I care about. I loooove that I can now shower in my own home again. Not the gym. Not the neighbors'. Not my parents' or inlaws'. MY house. MINE. (Okay, honey, ours.) I was so excited to shower in MY shower that I chronicled the process through photos (no not of me actually showering...get your minds out of the gutter!)

The doors:

I think they are the most beautiful doors I have ever seen:

The amazing and shiny towel bar on which to drape my washcloth:

The clean white shelf on which to place my soap:

And another clean white shelf on which to place my shampoo and conditioner:

The shiny and fabulous faucet through which my water flows:

And last but not least, the splendid shower head that is my Heaven on Earth:

(Who knew someone could love a shower head so much?) Going to get clean - see you later!

Design Star Sentiments - Episode 2

The kitchen challenge. All I can say is wow (and not a good wow). Let's start by explaining the rating system. Designers will be rated on personality (P) and design (D) with the good ol' system of thumbs up or down. This is purely based on this episode and does not reflect my opinions from the previous. Here are the kitchens and the rundown:

Okay, I can't say it better than Vern - a rainbow definitely threw up in here (thanks to our color expert, Jen):

Maybe it could have been better if Nathan wasn't such a people pleaser?

Individual Ratings:

I wasn't sure about Antonio last week, but I thought he was a good leader (unfortunately he wasn't the actual leader) and has a no-nonsense personality that I like. I still love Torie and I still loathe Jen, but Jason has actual gone up a notch in my book. I still wasn't impressed with his design skills, but he seemed like a team player and was much less obnoxious this week.

Nathan was just trying too hard to be nice. I would have sent home Jen this week no question (at least from this team). Her fancy 'color degree' certainly isn't earning her any marks and she has all the personality of a rock (and I'm not talking diamonds here).

So that pretty much finishes up the Antonio Nate Squad...on to team Heart. Here is the unfinished kitchen of Jen's Team:

If it wasn't falling apart and had been accessorized, it might have been nice?

Individual Ratings:

Poor Amy seems like a sweetheart but just isn't cut out for this job. She did need to go home but not as much as Tashica. I can't believe they kept her after making the same mistake twice in a row. She needs to seriously redeem herself next week or she is outtie for sure.

Dan seems like a nice guy but seriously screwed up on the cabinets, and I loved Jany's idea for the tile but it was executed terribly. And then there's Lonni. I didn't even feel like I could accurately rate her seeing as I can't even remember one thing that she did or said on this show.

Overall I'm still rooting for Torie and Jany, but am also kinda liking Antonio and his big personality. Can't wait to see what happens next week!

Who is your current favorite?

Neighborhood Tour

The hubster and I love to go on walks through our neighborhood and pick out the houses that we are going to buy when we strike it rich. I love all of the unique architecture, large trees, and lush landscaping in our area. The neighborhood is really one of the main reasons we bought our house. It is close to work, stores, dining, and conveniences, it's in a good school district, and is just absolutely beautiful. I love that no two houses are the same. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

This beautiful half-timber and brick beauty is right across the street from our tiny Tudor:

We love visiting this fabulous Mediterranean-style beauty every year during the neighborhood yard sale. They always have fabulous items up for grabs:

I love the pointy peaks of this Cotswald Cottage style home, although I'd probably change the colors a bit if it were my own:

One of my absolute favorites is surpisingly somewhat Colonial, but with a European flair:

I adore the fountain they added to the front walkway:

And dream about lounging on this private and luxurious balcony:

This Tudor-inspired home also tops my list with the towering trees, beautiful brick, and stunning stonework. I also am in love with the arched doorway:

Another home with beautiful angles and lovely tall trees:

Another tiny Tudor that takes my breath away:

And last but not least, I love the clean lines, gorgeous stone wall, and bright red door of this immaculate Colonial:

I could go on, but maybe in another post!

So did you buy your house for the location also, or were you more wowed by the house itself than it's 'hood?

Bright and Bold

So everyone's painting their cabinets these days, and the 'color' of choice seems to be white. I can definitely see why - it's versatile, bright, fresh, and pretty timeless. But if you're looking for something a little more bold, you might want to check out these bright beauties:

So many beautiful colors - I don't think I could choose just one! Maybe I just need a few more houses so that I can have one of each?

Would you consider painting your cabinets a color other than white or black?

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