Barbara's Living/Dining Space

Recently, Barbara wrote to me for help with her living/dining space:

Hi Lauren,

I have been struggling with what color(s) to paint the living room/dining room area in the condo I have moved into as well as what light fixture to choose for the dining room.  It is an L-shaped space with a "nook" where I have put my piano.  The fireplace is in the corner of the L and opens both into the living room space and the dining room space.  There are high ceilings with two skylights in the center of the living room.  The carpet and drapes are neutral--I would like to keep them. My daughter and daughter-in-law have suggested going with brown shades, but I'm concerned about making the room too dark as I do like the light. I look forward to the idea board you will create!


Here's what I came up with:

I am a big fan of light and bright rooms too, Barbara! I hope this helps with your design dilemma.

Leaf Wall Art - Urban Outfitters
Dining Chairs - IKEA
Pendant Lamp - Crate & Barrel
Paint - Behr Tide Pools
Rug - IKEA
Trunk - JCPenney
White Drapes - IKEA
Botanical Poster - The Evolution Store
Arc Lamp - Pottery Barn
Striped Pillow - Etsy seller bestlilshop
Tiny Terrariums - Etsy seller TortoiseLovesDonkey
Geometric Pillow - Etsy seller DecidedlyChic


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