I'm Loving...

This simple glass etching project from Chez Larsson:

A simple fifteen minute project that transforms a baking pan into home decor? Yes please!

Annali's Shared Nursery

Recently, Annali wrote me about her shared nursery space:

Hi Lauren, I need help!  

My husband and I have a two year old son, Henry, and are expecting another boy April 30th.  We recently purchased a four bedroom house, with two rooms on the main floor and two rooms upstairs.  While the boys are young, we've decided to keep them both on the main floor with us.  The only problem is.....their room is TINY and has no closet!  This will only be their room for a couple of years and I'm determined to make it work. 

Henry will be moving to a classic white (wooden) toddler bed and the baby will have the crib, which we will paint white.  They will be sharing an IKEA Malm dresser already in the room. 

We are looking for design inspiration that is appropriate for both a baby and a toddler which maximizes the space.  I love gray walls but would be willing to keep the current color.  I'd also love to see some orange or mustard accents.  I definitely like modern over cutesy. 

Thanks - Annali

I know all about being short on space (and not having a closet!) Here's what I came up with:

Main Paint Color - Behr Steam White
Accent Wall Paint (Wall Behind Beds) - Behr Raging Sea

Toddler Bedding - Velocity Art & Design

Baby Bedding - I'd just do white sheets and a white crib skirt, and then drape the crib blanket over the side for some color

Crib Skirt - BabyBedding.com
Crib Blanket - Boodalee
Crib Sheet - BabyBedding.com


Wall Art (Some sort of bright orange letter art above each bed) - Etsy Seller English Muffin
Yarn Monsters - Etsy Seller KDericks
Bunting (hang in corners above each bed) - Etsy Seller Monkey Puzzle Press
Mini Coaster (not pictured) - Amazon
Orange Dimmable Lamp - IKEA

Space Saving & Storage Ideas:
Hanging Hamper - OrganizeIt.com
Crib Diaper Changing Station - Angela's Baby Store
For hanging items (above dresser) - IKEA Lack Shelves + Bygel Rod
Underbed Boxes (to store toys, diapers, clothing, etc.) - Container Store
Expedit Shelving - Next to crib (taller than your current shelving so it will house more things) - IKEA
With Clear Boxes (So the boys can see what is in them) - IKEA
Nightstand - Amazon
Wall Book Rack - cb2
Orange Dot Wall Hook - cb2
Pillows - cb2

Misha's Green & Pink Nursery

Recently, Misha wrote to me about a nursery idea board for her daughter:

Hi Lauren,

I need ideas for my daughter's nursery. I'm just not good at putting this together! I don't want a too-girly room, but I do want a cute nursery. The space is rather small and the walls are cream at the moment. I'm fearful of too many fabrics in a small space. We are using all Amy Butler fabrics for the custom crib bedding and curtains. Our crib is the Ragazzi Classico Collection Stages Crib. I'm looking for accessories, a rug, etc.



Misha's awesome fabric choices gave me a great jumping-off point for the room. Here's what I came up with:

Since Misha was worried about too many patterns and colors overwhelming the small space, I went with neutral soothing colors and textures with a few pops of green. Thanks for letting me help with your space, Misha!

Rug - Dash & Albert
Mobile - Vivre
Paint – Behr Powdered Snow
Fabrics - Amy Butler
Botanical Prints - Alena Hennessey
Magnetic Birds - Etsy Seller hjrdDesign
Love Print - madebygirl
Squish Wooden Toy - Amazon
Rosette Pillow - Etsy Seller Sweet Tea and Linen
Flower Pillow - Etsy Seller 31 Vintage Road
Doll (not pictured) - Etsy Seller Poppy and Ted
Mirror – DIY Marshall's Mirror from Young House Love

Confessions of a Pregnant Woman...

So here I am at 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Less than six weeks until I get to see my baby girl!

I've heard so many people say that they absolutely loved being pregnant and miss it. I must say that I can't join them in this feeling, as much as I might like to. Here are a few of my complaints confessions (don't worry, there are pretty pictures):

  • I cannot get comfortable. If I sit, my butt hurts, if I stand, my feet hurt. When I lay down, it's like I have a bowling ball inside of me.
 Image Source
  • Sock monkies creep me out. For some reason I feel like I should like them, but I have yet to find a non-creepy one.

  • I frequently called Violet 'my little parasite' during the first trimester and refer to her as an alien when I see my belly moving around on its own.
Image Source
  • The Hubster does most of the cooking now. He doesn't really even ask me to help, he just lets me sit on the couch like a lump while he does all of the work. He is amazing.
  • I have a lot of horrible thoughts lately. I'm sure I can credit them to the hormones raging throughout my body, the tiredness, and the discomfort, and I try not to act on them. You'd think pregnancy would make you have loving, motherly thoughts but certainly not for me.
  • Sometimes I throw things (don't worry not plates - more like socks or tissues) to vent a little insanity and I often make nasty faces lately to express my wretchedness.
Image Source

  • I hate that I want to nest and organize and get my home ready for the baby, but have absolutely zero energy to do so by the time I get home from work.
    Image Source

    • I definitely take up three-fourths (or more) of our queen-sized bed. Three or four pillows to prop me up, a body pillow, and a pillow or two between my legs is all I need for a semi-comfortable night of sleep. Although sometimes those don't even help.

    Image Source

    • When I walk I hear a soundtrack playing in my head of a bass drum or some sort of giant elephant plodding along.
    Image Source

    On the flip side, I know that at the other end of this pregnancy is a beautiful baby of my very own and I would do it all over again without question. And I know that I shouldn't even been complaining. I've had a very smooth and uneventful pregnancy so far - there are so many women who have it so much worse than me. But I don't know if I could live in a world where you can't complain now and again on your own blog ;) So thanks for bearing with me and I hope at the very least you enjoyed the pretty pictures!

    What is/was your biggest pregnancy complaint? 
    I'd love to hear them - it'd make me feel a little better about doing all of that whining ;)

    Favorite Nursery Art

    There are so many amazing products available for children now, thanks to etsy and some very design-minded stores and boutiques. Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for artwork for your child's nursery, bedroom, or play space:

    Fun & Colorful:

    Natural & Neutral:

    Sources - Fun & Colorful:
    (clockwise from top left)

    Love Print - madebygirl
    Elephant Wallpaper Art - Inke
    Elephant Mobile - giggle
    Wall-mounted Bird Mobile - Petit Tresor
    Sailing Print - Geninne
    Bauhaus Mobile - Velocity
    Custom Birth Print - Trendy Peas
    Rhythm Mobile - Velocity

    Sources - Neutral & Natural:
    (clockwise from top left)

    Birds of a Feather Mobile - Vivre
    Bird Print - Alena Hennessey
    Wooden Bird Mobile - Land of Nod
    Alphabet Print - The Paper Tray
    Swallows Mobile - Velocity
    Wooden Fish Mobile - giggle
    Wallpaper Tree Art - Inke
    Magnetic Bird Art - hjrdDesign

    What are your favorite places to find children's art? 
    Add your links here:

    Everyone Can Use a Little Sunshine!

    Just wanted to pop in to say thanks to Kristi at Life at the Chateau Witman for the Sunshine Award!

    Here are a few bright and sunny spaces for you all to enjoy:

    Found here

    Found here

    Found here

    Found here

    Found here

    Found here

    Found here

    Found here

    Just living is not enough. 
    One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

    -Hans Christian Anderson

    I'm Loving...

    Etsy seller Middleburg Folk Art Studio. She makes the most gorgeous hand-dyed, hand-painted flower garland:

    Absolutely perfect for spring decor, weddings, baby showers, and just because. I would love to have one of these in my home. Found via

    Living Room Before & After

    After yesterday's post, I thought I'd include one to see where the living room began. When we moved into the H-Haus, the wall that currently houses the framed art and sofa looked like this:

    And trust me that this photo does not do it justice. The carpet was stained and torn up, the walls were dingy and looked like they hadn't been painted in 50 years. We closed up the closet and regained that space in an adjoining room, ripped out the built-in under the window, and replaced the radiator.

    The carpet had to go, and although there were hardwoods beneath, they were so damaged that we ended up just putting in new wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators - Brazilian Walnut. Not to mention the awesome drop ceiling:

    Notice that there was nothing wrong with the ceiling above, we think they just wanted a ceiling light? Seemed like a bad trade-off to us, so we ripped it out! Here's what it looks like now:

    It's so nice to have high ceiling and space for a big comfy sectional!

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