Violet's Baby Shower

So we had our first baby shower this weekend, and it was absolutely beautiful! I'd like to say thank you so much to my family and friends for all of your generosity. We had an amazing time, and Violet is going to be one styling baby - that's for sure. I'd especially like to thank my parents, grandmother, sister, aunts, and cousin for all of the hard work they put into making everything so special.

The beautiful cupcakes were dreamed up by my sister and created by my mom, and they were dee-licious



My sister hand stitched each of these beautiful little birds and shipped them the whole way from Australia, where my mom assembled them with the little buckets and Jordan almonds, which made for some fantastic favors:


And my mom also did an amazing job making pretty tissue paper poms:


And to top it all off, my grandmother hand-crocheted the beautiful flower garland:


The diaper cake was custom made by etsy seller BizzieMommy209 and further personalized with a few of those beautiful birds and sentimental items:




I still can't believe all of the amazing gifts that we received for Violet - she is one lucky girl!





Now the real challenge is - where do we put everything?! I think we may need to buy a new house!


  1. What a lucky gal you are! The shower looked absolutely lovely!!! And....Happy Early Birthday for tomorrow ;) (If I read the cross-stitching right)

  2. Thank you Mrs. CFH2 - yes my birthday is tomorrow - you're very observant :) One year closer to the big 3-0!

  3. What a beautiful baby shower! The cupcakes look so yummy :) All the details are amazing. Violet is a very lucky (and loved!) girl!

  4. Gorgeous shower!

    And I have that dress in two colors!

  5. Oh, everything is so sweet and lovely! You're right, Violet is one lucky little lady!

  6. Those little birdie cupcakes are so sweet! Looks like you had a great shower.
    PS- I love the name Violet. That was my grandmother's name, and if we have a girl, I'd really like to use it as her middle name.

  7. Wow, what a wonderful family! Your shower was so beautiful!!

  8. I love the decor, so cute!


    I've added you to my blogroll Lauren, thank you! OXOXO

  9. What a beautiful baby shower!! Love the birdie theme!

  10. i love the ur baby shower theme , can you tell me or show me how your grandmother did the flowers with the tissue paper love it
    God bless

  11. Martha Stewart has a great tutorial on the tissue paper poms on her website:

    Good luck!



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