Happy Fourth Anniversary

Today I have been married for four years to my best friend. It's amazing how time can seem to go so quickly, yet at the same time I feel like we have been together forever.

This year is extra special because I feel like we are finally a real family instead of just a couple. Our little girl has pieces of each of us - my eyes and lips, her daddy's nose and toes. Our relationship has changed so much in such a short time because of such a little person. Now instead of 'honey' I often refer to him as 'Daddy' or sometimes 'Diaper Daddy' (because he does pretty much all of the diapering in this house).

He is such a good father - he can change a diaper in a minute, gives great (warm) baths, sings songs to our babe, and makes her smile and giggle. Even though he is home for the summer with us, he had to go into work for a couple of days, and when he came home she just couldn't get enough of him.

He also takes such good care of me. Because I am breastfeeding, I have her much more often. He gets water for me about a gazillion times a day (because I am constantly thirsty), cooks dinner for us most nights (he is an amazing cook), and hangs out with Violet in the mornings to let me get a little bit of extra rest. I don't know what we would do without him. Kevin - I love you more every day - Happy four year anniversary love!



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