Please share how you deal with keeping your rugs looking so nice with two cats in the house. I also have two cats (one light and one dark) and with the amount of fur and *ahem* vomit that they produce, I am afraid to replace our ratty old rugs!

Well, we don't have any one 'magic bullet' per say, but a few things that help are obviously vaccuuming in addition to Resolve carpet spray. And then we also either buy washable rugs or really inexpensive rugs that can be easily replaced from IKEA,, or Target.


  1. I can sooooooo identify with this question. Still working on how to keep the hair up out of the carpets (even with vacuuming) however, I have found that baby wipes work really well for any "deposits" they may make. Just my little two cents! I love that you love your cats as much as we do! They look like great babies!

  2. We have just shared your nursery and asked our bloggers to vote for your nursery at the bump too :)



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