On a Lighter Note...

Here are some photos of Charlie being a cute bad little boy:

Maybe he got tired of the kitty litter and decided to go the diaper route? He is pretty Pampered, but this is taking it to another level entirely.

And at least someone is getting some use out of this thing:

Guess he could use a little more work in this department. He's such a ham:

Whenever I start snapping photos of V he gets jealous and starts posing.

And one of Moe so that he doesn't feel left out:

Although he isn't nearly as much of a ham as Charlie. :) Have a purr-fect weekend everyone!


  1. I'm loving your fur babies! Ours never went anywhere near our baby stuff. I think because being that she is 82 and an old maid, technology scares her.

  2. My kitty also LOVES the change pad. He's also recently discovered the activity mat with the hanging toys. Like you said, at least someone is getting some use of these baby things that clog are space and cramp our style :)



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