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I made the firm decision when I began this blog to write about things that made me happy - to write for myself and for no one else. And that hasn't changed. I don't think I would enjoy blogging if I didn't do it for me. (And for Violet - some of the posts I will be saving for her someday)

But I'm curious about my readers...which posts do you prefer? Do you tune in for the baby stuff? For our H-Haus reno? (Which has definitely been put on hold - we don't have much time or money these days) Do you like to see the pretty pictures on Eye Candy Monday or the idea boards on Tuesdays? Or do you just love the I'm Loving posts? Maybe you think variety is the spice of life and you can't live without a little of each. Either way if you could...

...inquiring minds want to know...which posts do you prefer?


  1. I love (and voted for) all of it. I read them all!!

  2. I voted for all of them. I'm really interested in your frank and open takes on baby stuff since we're considering it soon, and I'm tired of everyone always acting like it's all puppies and rainbows. I like hearing the struggles -- the things nobody seems to want to share with you as a first-time mom.
    I also enjoy seeing all the things you love, and the beautiful rooms and boards you post for people.



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