Violet - 4 Months

You've been a busy little beaver this month, baby. And speaking of've been gnawing away (on your fingers). But instead of building a dam you, my love, are creating a river. A river of drool. I will dub this month the month of molars. (Technically I should probably call it the month of teething, since one of the three teeth you've been busy cutting isn't a molar, but the month of molars just sounds cooler.)

We noticed a tiny white speck on your gums shortly after your three month birthday, and it was downhill from there. We thought it was pretty crazy that you started teething so soon, but then it got even crazier - you started cutting molars. Notice I said molars plural. TWO to be precise. One on each side of your mouth. That made mastering the skill of shoving both hands in your mouth at the same time absolutely essential. And to ensure that the world felt the true horror of cutting molars you began to emit a high-pitched squeal that would give Mariah Carey a run for her money.

Growing up is hard. Whenever I was sick or hurt my mama (your grammy) would always say that she wished that she could take the pain for me. Now I know exactly how she felt. I would take your pain in a heartbeat, my love. Luckily, the teething pain seems to have subsided - at least for a few days. We will enjoy your coos, smiles, and gurgles while we can and hope that the next bout of teething will be easier.

Although teething colored much of your fourth month of life, it couldn't stop you from continuing to amaze us. You have become so much more aware and alert this past month. You've started to notice your kitty cats and reach out to touch their soft fur. You love to grasp at your colorful toys and slowly are learning to expertly guide them into your sweet drooly mouth. Yanking your mama's hair and pinching her chin are fun games. And you make your mommy melt when you stroke her face as you nurse (even though sometimes your fingers end up in her nose). And you love other babies and little kids - especially your cousins.

Your favorite thing to do now is roll from your back to your tummy. You hold up your head with your strong neck and your body with your outstretched arms and look at us with a big triumphant (mostly toothless) grin. In fact, we can't keep you on your back - this new talent made it quite a challenge to get your four-month photos. And nine times out of ten when your mommy goes to get you from your crib after a nap or for a nighttime feeding, she finds you in this position (often with your eyes still closed). It won't be long before you are scooting and crawling all over the place.

We found out this month that you have very sensitive skin and Vaseline and Dove soap have become our very best friends. And you said no thanks to the regular old Pampers - we go Sensitives all the way! So long dry peely rashy skin - hello smooth silky baby sweetness!

Much to their dismay, you suddenly were horrified by the site of your Pop Pop and Opa this month. The mere sight of their smiling faces made you scream and shriek. Luckily their unconditional love won you back over and you have decided they are pretty great after all.

You've become a bit of a Daddy's girl as well. Now that he's back to work I think that you miss him - a LOT. He misses you a lot too. (a LOT)

Although it was a bit of a rocky month, it was full of fun and firsts as well. Here's to conquering teething (for now) and seeing what surprises next month holds for us. We love you more every day, our sweet, toothy, rolly polly little beaver. Happy four months! Love, Mommy & Daddy

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  1. WOW, That is crazy that she is teething already but maybe a good thing. Our 16 mo old is not showing his molars, and boy how I get the Mariah comment (actually thats exactly what I said to the hubs)She is such a beautiful baby. And what is it with the crying at the sight of the G-parents? Mine does the same!
    Here is to conquering those molars.
    (BTW-hyland's teething tablets are supposed to work great-recommended by every mother at the daycare, but I couldnt hind them so I got the Humphreys teething pellets and they work also) Sorry for the long message...

  2. I love, love, love to read your posts to Violet! They are so filled with love and specific memories. A keepsake for her. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Awww what a cutie!! You are so lucky! (and you have a very inspiring blog) :)



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