All I want for Christmas...

Pampering. A massage, a manicure, pedicure, big giant bubble bath with some candles. Any or all would do just fine!

Pretty and classic children's books. Fun to display now and read to V later (or to myself - I still love children's books! They bring back great memories.)

A pair of nice boots. I love a good knee-high boot but I can never get myself to fork over the dough for a decent pair.

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A wet nurse. Or even a baby who will drink from a bottle would suffice. As much as I love to cuddle with my baby while she nurses, I could use a little time off now and again. Too, you know, get pampered and such.

Tights! I love a great neutral textured pair of tights - they make my winter wardrobe so much more versatile.

An Etsy shopping spree. I mean, seriously, I can't get enough of it. My I'm Loving posts have become truly hazardous to my budget.

Season one of Parenthood. It's my new favorite show, beating out House and The Office, both of which I think are nearing their end. But the new series The Walking Dead comes in a close second.

An amazing blazer. It's back to work for me soon and the seriously  I love to dress in layers especially because of the evil themostat that I can't control. 

Crocheted stuff. It's just so colorful and cozy and fun! I sooo wish I could take the time to learn to crochet myself. Maybe someday when the babe is a little bigger and not in a mommy phase (if such a time exists)

So there's my list! Santa, I've tried to be a good girl this year. Do you know of a nice spa that would fit down our chimney? If not, don't worry - a gift card would do just fine ;)


  1. Where can I buy those children books? They are SO cute!

  2. Where are those boots from? I love them!

  3. The books are Anthropologie and the boots are Macy's

  4. ditto to everything minus the wet nurse! I could definitely use some pampering myself, and I don't even have kids yet!

    I'm also loving The Walking Dead! such a great show! The Office is definitely on it's way out the door once Michael leaves next season!



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