A Year in Pictures - 2010


Happy New Year!  
~ Lauren, Violet, the Hubster, Charlie, and Moe

Idea Boards 2010

It's been quite a year for idea boards. Two thousand and ten can claim forty-two unique designs including nurseries, childrens' spaces, bedrooms, weddings, dining spaces, living rooms, and showers to name a few.

I thank each of you for continuing to challenge me and for helping me to exercise my creativity during a time when I feel that I could easily have disappeared into the monotony of diapers and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Sometimes I think that in loving and caring for our children, we can forget those things that were important to us before a tiny person became our whole world, and although I often feel that I lack the time and energy for my own pursuits, I am glad that I have pushed myself to continue to write about my interests, as frivolous as it may sometimes seem.

Knowingly or not, I want you to know that you have helped me to hold onto a bit of myself, and for that I thank you all and wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

Book Review: Mesmerised

Violet and I were recently sent a fabulous board book to review for all of you moms and mothers-to-be out there. It was designed specifically for infants, and especially for newborns with its graphic, high-contrast black and white illustrations. I love the concept and wish that I would have had something like this when V was fresh out of the womb. But the real question is, what did Violet think? Since she can't tell you yet, I thought I'd let her show you:

As you can see, she was definitely a fan of the images, and even thought the book made a great teether - multifunctional! I am pretty sure it has her stamp of approval. The book can be purchased online at this website.

Thanks to illustrator, Katey Love for giving us the opportunity to share this great concept with our readers!


Just wanted to pop in to give a few updates. First that Violet's upper GI went surprisingly well - she handled the fasting better than I expected and drank the barium like a champ with only minimal fussing. We had very nice doctors and technicians who did a fantastic job with her, and to top it off - the results came back and everything is functioning properly! Next up will be the endoscopy, so fingers crossed that it will go just as smoothly.

The wallpaper is up and I LOVE it! I'm thinking this rug from Dwell Studio may be the winner:

Lastly, I've been lazy about posting sources with the idea boards lately, but since you asked, the sources for Katie's kid's room are as follows:


Rug - Urban Outfitters
Chandelier - little kids bedrooms
Curtains - Urban Outfitters
Owl - Etsy seller ebwhandmade
Pillows - Etsy seller catnapcottage
Mirror - Pottery Barn Teen
Rabbit Lamp - Anthropologie
Text Print - Etsy seller LoveSugar
Lovely Little Town Print - Etsy seller dekanimal
Aqua Dandelions Print - Etsy seller printmakerjenn
Wooden Owl - Urban Outfitters

Thanks for all of your well wishes for Violet!

Kate's Kid's Room

Recently, Kate wrote to me for help with her daughter's room. She had already purchased a Jenny Lind crib and chosen a colorful quilt, which served as the jumping off point for the rest of the space. Here's what I came up with:

Thank you Kate for giving me the opportunity to work on such a fun and feminine space!

Wish Us Luck!

Wish us luck as we go for Violet's upper GI today. I'm currently trying to get some calories into her little belly as she can't eat after 5:30 this morning and the procedure isn't til 9:30...

I have a feeling that the little miss isn't going to be too happy with her mama and papa today. Especially when she finds out that when she does get to eat it will be barium rather than breast milk. So as you can see, we need a healthy dose of luck today. This procedure is kind of like an x-ray (or so I've been told) and should rule out any obstructions of her bowel. The next step after this is an endoscopy (putting her under and putting a camera down her wee gullet). We're not looking forward to any of this, but I am happy that things are moving along toward a true diagnosis.

Prayers for a safe and speedy procedure are welcome! And I know it's a long shot, but here's hoping that they find something that's really simple to fix and the babe is cured forever ;) Hey, a mom can dream, right?!?

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