Finally Some Direction!

So you know I've been suffering from indecision in my endless rug saga (see posts here). Rather than continue to bore you all with post after post about carpet, I thought it was high time for a change of direction. I've given up on using a rug as a jumping off point for the rest of the space and have chosen wallpaper instead.

You may ask, But didn't you just find and paint the perfect shade of gray? And I would answer that yes, yes we did. And yes, it will be staying.The wallpaper is just going to be an accent behind some custom shelving that my father-in-law is building for us. After searching high and low using Design Sponge's Top 50 Wallpaper Sources, we've chosen Anthropologie's Dotswold wallpaper. I love the color, pattern, and price!

And the best part is that I'll get my splash of coral-y pink that I've been looking for so I'm pretty excited!

Now to find a rug...



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