Poor Baby

I appreciate all of the well-wishes and prayers for Violet lately. I know a lot of babes go through much worse, but it's so hard to watch your child suffer in any way. I mean, look at that sweet, innocent face!

Lately my days have been full of scheduling appointments, calling labs, and filling out medical paperwork. Not to mention trying to find dairy, soy, and rice-free food to keep up the calorie count of this nursing mom. The doctors have asked us to hold off on solids until V is evaluated by the allergist and GI specialist, so I'm still her one and only source of food! It's hard at times - I feel like all we do is nurse, nurse, nurse, and sometimes a girl just has a craving for some chocolate...


But it helps to know that we're doing something right - V is feeling better - no vomit, normal stool, and less fussing. AND she's gaining weight back - hurray!

Unfortunately we got the phone call that I was dreading - more blood is needed from my sweet little girl. Here's hoping it'll be quick and relatively painless this time and she'll be back to happily playing at home before we know it!

So dear Santa - you can take back all of my goodies - boots, pedicures, pretty patterned tights are not needed here. All we want now is a good baby vein and an even better phlebotomist, pretty please with chocolate sugar on top...

Sinfully delicious chocolate image via bananagranola.


  1. Oh, dear, I do hope you're able to find some yummy vegan recipes to enjoy over the holidays and still keep that sweet little girl smiling!

  2. my fingers are still crossed for little V!
    It is good to know that she is a bit better in general and it must give you so much strength to see that it works!
    I can imagine you are tired from all the nursing plus everything else you are going through... keep your head up!
    Take care!!!

  3. Thinking of you all! She is such a dear, sweet baby. Wonderful that she is gaining again. Do take care of yourself, too! It's clear you're a wonderful mom.

  4. My heart goes out to you and your little one. When I was testing my baby for allergies in breastmilk, I bought some allergy-free cookbooks on Amazon.com. If I didn't think it was creepy to ask for your address, I'd offer to mail them to you. Buying some of those cookbooks might help you, too. At least you know that your milk is able to nourish her back to health. Babies really do only need breastmilk for the first year so you're giving her everything she needs. Take care of yourself though. I know how easy it is to lose a lot of weight when you cut out so many foods. My prayers are with you!
    PS If you're like, "yes, please, send the allergy-free cookbook!" just email me an address.

  5. Thank you ladies for the kind words! We're actually doing okay in the food department - the Hubster is a great cook and has been very supportive in finding and cooking things that I can eat, but thank you so much for the cookbook offer!



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