Wish Us Luck!

Wish us luck as we go for Violet's upper GI today. I'm currently trying to get some calories into her little belly as she can't eat after 5:30 this morning and the procedure isn't til 9:30...

I have a feeling that the little miss isn't going to be too happy with her mama and papa today. Especially when she finds out that when she does get to eat it will be barium rather than breast milk. So as you can see, we need a healthy dose of luck today. This procedure is kind of like an x-ray (or so I've been told) and should rule out any obstructions of her bowel. The next step after this is an endoscopy (putting her under and putting a camera down her wee gullet). We're not looking forward to any of this, but I am happy that things are moving along toward a true diagnosis.

Prayers for a safe and speedy procedure are welcome! And I know it's a long shot, but here's hoping that they find something that's really simple to fix and the babe is cured forever ;) Hey, a mom can dream, right?!?


  1. my almost two month old Ezra and I will say a prayer for Violet :) I can't imagine having to watch your baby go through all of this. Best of luck!

  2. Praying for good results and a speedy procedure for baby Violet.




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