Back Room Update

Remember how I mentioned that we were making an IKEA run last weekend? Well our shopping trip was successful! We purchased two things for the back room - a small armchair (Henriksdale) that we can use in the back room or pull into the dining room when we have extra guests.

Right now we're happy with the white slipcover, but I may do some Etsy hunting to see if we could get a custom slipcover made. We also purchased a bookcase. We had planned on going with the inexpensive Billy bookcase, but came across a Hemnes bookcase in the as-is section and the Hubster liked it WAY better. It's nice because it matches our custom cabinetry a bit better and is made of solid wood.
Since we went with some relatively generic pieces for the room this time around, we'd like the other pieces we look for to be more unique. And since our budget is teeny tiny (and shrinking by the minute - we just found out that V has to be on a special prescription formula at $50 a can - ouch!) we'll probably try to thrift a few things. We're on the lookout for a narrow end table, and a couple of small tables to use in place of a traditional coffee table, which would be way too large for the space and impractical with the babe. Other items we need include curtains, a rug (still duking it out with the Hubs over that one) a table lamp, and a sconce. It's feeling more and more like a room all of the time! Stay tuned for more in-progress photos of the space.


  1. You should check out Bemz online. They are a european company that makes slipcovers for IKEA chairs. Lots of colors and choices of fabrics. I purchased a cotton slipcover for my IKEA armchair last year in a deep eggplant color. It has held up really well!

  2. Oooh I'm jealous of the Hemnes bookshelf. We have some pieces from that line and love them. Good find.

  3. I like that one better too. It has more personality!



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