Happy New Year!

My new year's resolution:

I'm a worrier by nature, so I'm going to try to remember this sweet little phrase when I feel the grip of anxiety start to take hold of me. Two thousand and ten was a very happy year with the birth of our sweet, perfect little angel, but it was also very tough with all of the doctor's visits, procedures, and constant worrying about our little girl's health and well-being. 

I feel like we have a bit of a fresh start for 2011 ironically thanks to me being sick. I had a bug that kept me in bed for nearly 24 hours and I was only able to keep down an apple and some toast all day. I've been really run down lately from being up every couple of hours at night with my teething babe AND we've been wanting to get her to take a bottle as I will be going back to work in a little over two weeks (eek!) Being sick forced me to rest and made it necessary for V to take a bottle. Now I'm happy to say that she can eat from a bottle like a champ, which is a huge relief! I have to admit that I will miss snuggling with my babe while we nurse, but it's truly for the best since I can't be a stay-at-home mama for much longer.

So cheers to 2011 - the Year of the Bottle! What are your resolutions for this new year?

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