The Homies 2011

I was checking out Ohdeedoh today when I saw that it's time for The Homies! I love to read through all of the nominations and do a little web surfing whenever they hold this contest. I've found a lot of fantastic new blogs for my reader this way, so I got really excited.


And thanks to whoever nominated me for the Kids @ Home category!


  1. Congrats on the nomination!

    I always love the Homies...hard to believe its another year already!

  2. Congratulations!:) Would you happen to know the source of the photo posted here. I love it!


  3. Thanks - it's only one nomination so I'm sure with two cats won't be in the running for anything, but I appreciated it nonetheless :)

    Anonymous - click on the word 'Via' beneath the photo and it will direct you to the source.

  4. Thanks,

    I often try clicking on that and it doesn't go to the original source. (Of course) this time it did. Thanks for your help :)



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