Product Review: Noisy Peekaboo: Roar! Roar!

One of our absolute favorite books for months now has been noisy peekaboo! Roar! Roar!

Violet loves to pull on things, open things, look behind things AND she loves sounds, so this is the absolute perfect books for her. The basic idea is that you are looking for an animal - is the monkey hiding behind the pillow? Nope. Maybe behind the binoculars? No way. How about inside the box? There he is! And to celebrate the fact that you found him, the monkey (quite loudly) ooh ooh's and ah ah's at you. I don't recommend this book for libraries, church, or other quiet places, but for all other places, it's a definite must-buy!

There are other versions as well, like noisy peekaboo! Choo! Choo! and noisy peekaboo! Woof! Woof! 
Check out all of the noisy books here.


  1. adorable pics of the baby "reading"..fits with my blog today:)

  2. that last picture is classic. love those big sweet eyes!



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