The Striped Rug Search

You're probably thinking to yourself - seriously, Lauren, haven't you bought a rug yet?!? I mean, this is getting ridiculous right? I totally get what you're saying - I mean, I started this rug hunt back in August. That's right - August.

So what's the problem - why haven't I picked a rug already? Well, there always seems to be some kind of problem. I mentioned that I love Madeline Weinrib rugs and that I wanted a lot of COLOR. With all of the gray in the room, it just seemed right. If I had a truckload of cash wee bit more money I would buy this Madeline Weinrib rug in and instant and call it a day:

I mean, I am obsessed with stripes, I love pink, and wouldn't it look absolutely fabulous with our Dotswald wallpaper from Anthropologie?

But since I have a baby who must have expensive Pampers Sensitive diapers, a new wardrobe every few months, and requires our old uninsulated house to be warm at all times, I'm kind of hurting for cash these days. (Not that I could have afforded Madeline Weinrib pre-baby, but that's beside the point)

So I can't have pink stripes, but surely I can still at least have some kind of stripes, right? The last you heard from me I had settled on this rug from Dwell Studio:

Great price, great stripes, and it looks pretty darn good with the wallpaper...and then I showed it to the Hubster. Yeah...he wasn't a fan. Didn't like the stripes, didn't like the size, just plain didn't like it. Thankfully, he did finally agree to give it a try after a LOT of convincing and we set off to find a store that sold Dwell Studio rugs. And of course it was just my luck - there aren't ANY in our area. (And yes, I know that they sell it online, but the Hubster is also VERY opposed to buying large items online as they are difficult and sometimes expensive to return.)

So after all of that hard work I was pretty frustrated and gave up on the rug search for the time being. We worked on some other projects around the house - new wood flooring in the guest room, painting the built-in cabinetry in the back room, and choosing paint colors for the bathroom.

Finally this weekend as I was sitting with the babe on our new gray sofa and wishing I could get down on the floor with her and play, I decided that it was time to find a rug already! I was determined to find a striped rug in the right size that could be purchased in a brick and mortar store and not just online. Here are some affordable black/gray and white striped rugs that I found during my search:

IKEA, IKEA, Dwell Studio, Dash & Albert, Overstock, Dash & Albert, Dash & Albert, CSN Rugs, CSN Rugs

CSN Rugs, CSN Rugs, CSN Rugs, (okay so it's not really striped, but...) CSN Rugs, Ballard Designs, CB2

And in the end after ALL of that searching, we're going with...
IKEA's Stockholm Rand rug. It leans more toward the modern end of things than I was originally going for, but it's the right price, right size, AND we can easily return it to IKEA if the Hubster decides it's not for him. (And I really really hope he likes it because I will freak if I have to look for any more rugs) I'll just have to bring the color in with throw pillows, window treatments, and accessories.

So sorry, no amazing revelations here, but (I hope) our rug saga has finally come to an end. Please please please let it be over...

Thanks for sticking with me :)


  1. Welcome to the land of disappointing rug shopping! You can find the "perfect" rug and it will be too expensive, not the right size, or the hubby will veto it (what is that about - I miss my mother's era where my dad couldn't have cared less what populated our home). I too settled for the Rand and have been very pleased with it. Good quality and size for the money! Enjoy!

  2. good luck! would love to see a photo tour of the whole room once it is ready!

  3. Its very ideas and design, I really wonder after visit here and here is lot of collections of rugs. I like it very much and hand made oriental rug.



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